Throubes/Wrinkled Black Olives (Thasitiki, Thassou or Throuymbolia)

Black, wrinkly, Amfissas Olives have a soft flesh and a pleasant, tart-sweet taste. They are meaty with an intense aftertaste which lingers pleasantly and retains the robust flavour of the olive in one’s mouth for a while. All the natural flavours are maintained as there is no brine to dominate the taste.

These olives are picked and salt-cured in a basket to let the water release and drain which is eventually washed off giving them their wrinkly appearance.

Traditionally in places like Morocco they are used in tagines and salads and are a staple with every meal. Fabulous for flavouring Italian pasta sauces and perfect in baked breads and on pizza’s as there are no oozing juices.




Region: Island of Thassos, Northern Aegean


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