Olive You Deli opened its doors in 1997 stocking authentic, delicious products that are unusual, preferably hand/homemade from sources we have visited. We are an owner-run store with knowledgeable staff who place importance on personal service. We understand that offering fine deli products at great value is the trusted combo that keeps our customers happy and returning for more.

Since we opened our doors in 1997 Olive You has grown into a market style deli that encourages olive/food lovers to experience traditionally prepared high quality olives and extra virgin olive oil from the Cape Winelands and from all the way to Kalamata. We have become famous for our expertise in olives and olive oils and olive lovers, olive oil fundi’s and connoisseurs visit us from all over South Africa and its neighbouring countries.

Today we aim to provide our customers with olive products as close to their natural state as they were thousands of years ago. Modern scientific techniques have come to confirm what has been widely believed for centuries-the inclusion of olive oil and olive products in a balanced diet can contribute dramatically to our wellbeing and longevity.

Personally being in our store every day we receive welcome feedback that sparks ideas and enables us to constantly improve our in-house product range. It is my joy to keep learning, sharing knowledge and travelling to meet farmers to ensure consistent top quality and supply from my business.

Sometimes we’re sourcing a more exotic version of our staple products like an infusion for our Cold Pressed, low acidity, house brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Others times we could be experimenting with new recipes for extra depth of flavour for one of our signature olive marinades. Either way, our mantra is always to respect and add value to ingredients. That’s what our reputation is built on.

We began by supplying only customers in our stores, but over time, through word of mouth and recommendations, our customer base grew considerably to delis, stall holders at fresh produce markets, restaurants and even foreign customers. Today, we supply a wide variety of sectors within the food industry.

“An olive, is not an olive” rather there is a vast difference in olives, as our clients know, the proof is in tasting!

My name is Fotini. I was born into a traditional Greek family so olives and olive oil have been a part of my experience since my beginning. I studied psychology at the University of Cape Town but this golden path seemed to choose me.

Olive You is my fourth baby which entered my life after the birth of my three wonderful sons. It was easy for me to step into a business to which I felt so naturally drawn. My fascination with olives and olive oil is entrenched in my family roots. Being no stranger to olives, my family roots extend to an abundant olive grove on my grandfather’s land on the island of Limnos, Northern Greece. This ensured that my grandmother’s kitchen was filled with drums of locally pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil used to drown salad, fry potatoes and cook almost everything! I often helped pick olives and watched them being pressed from a young age.

The aroma when I enter my ‘Olive boutique’ each day takes me back to the beautiful harvests and the joy of watching the liquid gold being pressed for year-long family consumption. The relationship is always being enhanced as I discover the endless benefits of this gorgeous fruit.  My love for olives came first and as I followed my curiosity, my knowledge grew considerably. It is my joy to keep learning, sharing knowledge and travelling to meet farmers to ensure consistent top quality and supply from my business.

Recently, January 2018, I received the accolade of Associate Savante accredited through Australia which confirmed for me that I have a rather sensitive palate. Tasting olive oil is something I practice. My palate has refined over time from the exposure to exciting tastes that we enjoy in Mediterranean homes, where a child is never too young to experience a broad range of traditional, well prepared foods. I am so grateful that an adventurous palate was layered into my childhood and has evolved into a richly satisfying career today.