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Here at olive you we love what we do and take pride in our products – which is why we feel that our customers should know everything that we do with regards to our olives.

Kalamata Olives

There is nothing quite like a Kalamata Olive from Greece, aka the king of olives. A large, purple, almond shaped olive with a smooth, juicy and meaty texture, it is named after the city of Kalamata in the Southern Peloponnese, Greece. If it doesn’t say Kalamata, it isn’t!

Green Colossal Olives

Green Colossal are firm olives, almost crunchy and extra-large in size. A green olive is an olive picked at the beginning of the season as olives start to ripen. Black olives are the same olives left to ripen fully.

Wrinkled Black Olives

Wrinkled black olives.There are many different wrinkled olives
in the Greek larder. The best known is the throuba, closely
associated with the island of Thasos, in the northern Aegean.
These are the wrinkled, reddish-brown, meaty olives that are left to ripen on the tree and are then salt-cured in a basket.


Tsakistes. These generally belong to the “Megaritiki” variety and colloquially are called tsakistes, or “cracked.” Tsakistes grow mainly in Attica. Each olive must be cracked by hand in order to absorb the flavours added to it. They are almost always cured as a green olive, often flavored with garlic, coriander and oregano.

Colossal Pimento Stuffed Green Olives

Colossal Pimento Stuffed Green Olives, are the iconic cocktail olives. The salted and firm texture of the olive is complimented by the sweet and succulent Pimento pepper which is more mild and aromatic than that of a bell pepper.